#30 thing to do when you’re not drinking; Be on Time


Landmark #30 and I think we’re getting back to what this blog is all about; boring practicalities. You simply will not make it to work, college or your dog’s funeral on time with a hangover. Much less so when you’re still twisted from the night before. Have you ever been waiting in the pub for your mates who started drinking in the flat? It’s infuriating. They never actually arrive.

Well folks, it’s been beautiful, and unless there’s a massive outpouring of love(with the genuine possibility of groupies) I think I’ll call it a day.


About Vague McNondescript

I want to give up alcohol, and I will, I've done it before. But what do you do instead of drinking? And in Ireland of all places! I'm starting a list, here'tis; View all posts by Vague McNondescript

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