#16 Thing to do when you’re not drunk; Play Snap, for cash

Poker? Anyone can play poker. I’ve played poker in reprehensible conditions and come out smiling, I didn’t win, but I had successfully taken six hours to lose all my money.

No, the sober card shark has to play to his strengths if he wants to clean up and make it home in time to watch the Wire. Snap, a game of reflexes and non-blurry shape recognition; now that’s a sober gambler’s game! I don’t think you can even call it gambling, like betting on the SPL to be won by “Either Celtic or Rangers”.



About Vague McNondescript

I want to give up alcohol, and I will, I've done it before. But what do you do instead of drinking? And in Ireland of all places! I'm starting a list, here'tis; View all posts by Vague McNondescript

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