#6 thing to do when you’re not getting drunk; partake in reasoned and well-informed debate

Reasoned and well informed debate

No you shut up! I’m right because you’re wrong, and I’ll tell you another thing, politics, religion, sport just SHUT UP!

Sobriety restricts one’s conversation to subjects with which one is actually familiar. One time, when I was in first year of college, I woke up hungover(stop the presses!). Not only that but I had somehow become president of the agricultural society in another University. I’ve lived in cities my whole life, how the hell did that happen?  I’ll tell you how, drunken bullshit’s how!


About Vague McNondescript

I want to give up alcohol, and I will, I've done it before. But what do you do instead of drinking? And in Ireland of all places! I'm starting a list, here'tis; View all posts by Vague McNondescript

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