#3 thing to do when you’re not getting drunk; watch morning tv.

Just imagine it, no hangover, you get up early for work-and it actually feels good! What to do with this new found freedom, enlightenment and joi de vivre?

Sex? No, your still drinking girlfriend is still asleep and/or still smells like last night’s kebab.

Porn? No, it’s first thing in the morning, you fucking deviant.

Start you’re own internet company and earn millions? Nah, you’ve only half an hour. Maybe we should just turn on the telly.

(five minutes later)

You’ve discovered the outer layer of hell; genuinely horrifying, but somewhat hypnotic.


About Vague McNondescript

I want to give up alcohol, and I will, I've done it before. But what do you do instead of drinking? And in Ireland of all places! I'm starting a list, here'tis; View all posts by Vague McNondescript

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